7 Simple Toys Kittens Love

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Looking for the cat toys for kittens? Want to find the best kitten toys that they’ll actually play with? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 7 simple toys kittens love, tried and tested by our very-own Maine Coon Kitten, Cody.

The best part? All of these are either FREE or very-much affordable! So let’s get stuck in, shall we?

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What Toys Do Kittens Like The Most?

Now when it comes to the best kitten toys, you’d have thought it would be up to debate, right?

I mean – what toys do kittens like the most? You’d think it’s hard to decide…

The truth is – healthy kittens will play with most things. You can easily pop into a supermarket and stock up on different kitten toys. Easy. As. Pie. (On that note: Is Walmart+ worth it to save money on your kitten essentials? It’s an interesting discussion!)

However, it’s worth noting that – although kittens can be easily pleased – there are certain toys kittens love more than most, because they’re particularly fun and interactive.

I mean, the standard mouse toys are great – especially if you’re looking to fill up with “the basics” when preparing for a kitten, or bringing a kitten home.

But are they always the BEST kitten toys? The toys kittens love the most? Well for most kittens – no. Because they don’t keep them playing for long enough.

Instead, all of our top kitten toys, have different features which keep kittens playing for longer, more actively and with more excitement / enthusiasm… Which is just what you want, right?! It’s certainly one way to tire a kitten out anyway!

Just remember – when playing with your kitten, keep them playing nicely and be sure to train your kitten not to bite you. The things you teach them at a young age, make it far easier when they’re grown up. So get this training in from the get go!

7 Simple Toys Kittens Love

So, what are the best cat toys for kittens? What toys do kittens like the most? In no particular order, we’ve got…

1) Springs!

Springs are one of the simplest cat toys for kittens, and yet they go down an absolute treat!

Cat Springs are safe to play with as they’re made of safe, strong and flexible plastic. They’re fine for your cat to chew on (without them being able to swallow them.) They’re also bouncy and unpredictable, making them great to chase!

Our kitten will spend HOURS playing with his springs; keeping himself occupied with them. He also likes to play fetch with them. (Yep, you heard right… Our kitten plays fetch. It’s not just dogs who like the game!) Here, have a watch:

Cat Crinkle Balls have a similar effect, working in the same way. The only difference is, they’re not quite as bouncey. But – they do have the “sound effects” with the ruffling noise you get when kittens play with them. So they’re worth grabbing a few of too.

2) Ball Track Kitten Toys

Next up, if you’re looking for toys kittens love – we highly recommend grabbing a Ball Track Kitten Toy (of some sort.)

We personally, have the Catit Senses Super Circuit, as it has a flashing ball inside, is nice and sturdy, and you can build it however you like. It’s been one of our best purchases to date and is played with, pretty much every day!

The other option is UPSKY Turntable Cat Toy. (We also actually have this too, although you don’t really need both!) It’s cheaper and has great reviews… It just isn’t played with as often by Cody, as he has the better version of it already. But – if you’re looking to save a little money, it will still do the job.

Ball Track Kitten Games are one of the best kitten toys as they’re simple and something your kitten can go back to time and time again… After all, they can’t get the balls out of the tracks, but it becomes fun attempting to do it… then chasing it around and around!

3) Ping Pong Balls

Our next top kitten toy is probably one you WOULDN’T expect, as it’s not even a kitten toy as such… Well, it’s not been designed to be anyway! But they’re just so effective.

Ping pong balls – simply grab a pack. Then you can throw them, your cat will run after them; they bounce, they roll.

What’s more, a genius game to play with your kitten, is to put the ping pong balls in the bath tub, and allow them to play cat ping pong! It offers ENDLESS entertainment. Here, watch:

4) Feather Toys

Now I may be making a generalisation here, but – as a whole – KITTEN’S LOVE FEATHERS! So any feather chaser toy usually goes down a treat!

This includes:

  • Suspended Feather Toys (that you can hang from doors or clip onto windows.)
  • Feather Wand Toys (which you move around and your kitten runs after.)
  • … Any cat toys with feathers on, that you can get them engaged with!

On a similar note, chaser toys, in general, are one of the top cat toys kittens love…

5) Wand Chaser Toy

Now this is not a paid ad, but one of the BEST toys for kittens has to be the Ethical Skinneeez Forest Friends Wand Cat Toy.

Cody used his until it literally fell apart (and these are seriously sturdy toys!), so I genuinely couldn’t recommend them more. They’re soft, realistic, and irresistible to your new little furry friend.

Uh huh, playing with a wand chaser toy, is the best way to tire your kitten out (so that they then sleep well, and feel content!)

Here, watch our Cody in action, playing with one of these toys, as it is SURE to warm your heart –

Psst, just to note – now that Cody’s gotten a little older, he’s moved onto “worms” and this Worm Wand Chaser Toy is now his new favourite. It works in the same way… They’re just not as long-lasting. But kittens do go wild for worms too!

6) Electric Motion Tail Cat Toy

We’re flying through these toys kittens love now, aren’t we? So, what else have we got? Well – the Electric Motion Tail Cat Toy.

Now, the interesting thing is – we tried out ENDLESS electric toys when looking for toys cats can play with by themselves… But very few, our kitten Cody, had interest in when he was younger.

The Motion Tail Cat Toy was, however, one of the few exceptions!

It has different speeds, goes in different directions, and gets kittens pouncing and playing for minutes that soon turn into an accumulation of hours. It’s brilliant!

7) DIY Cat Toys

Last but not least then, you can spend all the money in the world on different toys for kittens…

But often, the simplest things can be the best! I mentioned it at the start, but kittens really will play with almost anything and everything. So get creative, making your own DIY cat toys… particularly with cardboard!

Some of the best DIY kitten cat toys I’ve made so far, are DIY cat feeder toys, DIY cat treat puzzles and the classic Cardboard Cat Houses you can have a go at.

This is super simple, of course…

You can always step it up a notch with a sentro knitting machine, making sturdier, knitted cat toys for example… And then go one step further to make knitted fur hats for your cat walks, and matching woolies for your cat! (Ha – imagine that!)

But, in essence, there’s so much you can do… And the great thing when you make your own cat toys, is you can use elements you know that your kitten ALREADY loves, to come up with master toys, specifically designed for them…

And you can do this far easier than you’d think! (Trust me!) So have fun with it!

That’s All For This One

That rounds up our top 7 recommendations for simple toys kittens love… Based on trying and testing almost every cat toy in the market (!!), for our Maine Coon kitten, Cody. I hope this has helped.

Remember – just like humans, cats need both physical and mental exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy, so it’s well worth getting the right things in for your lovely, little, furry friend!

Toys Kittens Love
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