101+ Fabulous Female Orange Cat Names

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Looking for orange cat names for your female cat or kitten? Cute orange cat names that will suit your new little girl? Then here’s 101 fabulous female orange cat names to fill you with inspiration!

See, female orange cats are actually fairly rare. There are significantly more male orange cats than female orange cats around.

This is because the “ginger gene” which produces the orange color is on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes and so need two copies of this gene to become ginger, whereas males need only one. Interesting huh?

Orange cats are also known for being friendly, loving and full of character – so it’s no surprise that you’re looking for the perfect female orange cat name for your new furry friend. (They deserve something that’s as fabulous as they are!) 

The thing is, deciding what to name a cat / kitten, can be pretty tricky. How do you find something that’s original and fitting? Well, that’s where we come in…

101+ Fabulous Female Orange Cat Names

We’re here to run through some of the very best orange cat names for female cats / kittens.

That’s right – in no particular order, here’s some of our all-time favourite female orange cat names…

(The hardest part from here, will be narrowing it down and deciding which one to go for!)

what to call a female orange kitten

Cool Female Orange Cat Names:

Let’s get this going with some cool female orange cat names. So you’ve got names like…

1) Scarlet (A great color-connected orange cat name, that’s also a “real name” to make her feel well-and-truly part of the family!)

2) Flame (The purrfect if your female orange cat has a fiery personality!)

3) Blaze (Again, keeping with the fire theme! Your girls burning bright with this one!)

4) Penny (A unique female orange cat name, picking up on her copper coloring, whilst still being an “actual” name! Similarly…)

5) Amber (Picking up on her honey-yellow color!)

6) Auburn (Again, going with her colouring.)

7) Rufina (This is of Latin and Greek origin, meaning ‘red-haired’, making it a great female orange cat name if your new furry friend has a bright, vibrant coat!)

8) Goldie (It’s cute, girly, and – again – reflects her color!) *** This is definitely one of our favourite female orange cat names!

9) Scorch (This connotes with flames and heat. Similarly…)

10) Sorcha (It’s another “real” girls name again for you. Only this one also means “brightness”, therefore fitting very well as a female orange cat name in that respect too.)

Clever Female Orange Cat Names:

Getting a little more creative with it now, here’s some clever, original female cat names, we know you’ll love!

11) Ember (We especially love how this female orange cat name can also be shortened to Em!)

12) Inferno (Typically known as a dangerous fire that’s out of control, if your female orange cat is a little bit crazy – this name could suit her well! It can also be shortened down to “Fern” or “Fernie” which we absolutely love! On that note…)

13) Fern / Fernie (We think these deserve a place on this list, in their own right!)

14) Bonny (This means beautiful but can also relate to “bonfires” and “fire!”)

15) Autumn (Picking up on the season of autumn colours, filled with red, orange and brown colors!)

16) Hazel (It’s already a beautiful girls name, and picks up on the glowing colours of hazel nuts! Talking of which…)

17) Tiger (If she’s an orange tabby cat she already has the tiger colourings, making this the purrfect female orange cat name!)

18) Smould (A made-up cat name, adapting the word “smouldering” which is something that’s burning slowly. Likewise…)

19) Glow (She’ll be the light of your life, so why not give her a name that reflects that?!)

20) Sienna (A female name of Italian origin that means ‘reddish orange-brown.’ In fact…)

female ginger cat names

Female Names That Mean Fire

Many of our female orange cat names have linked to fire, so let’s throw in 10 of our favourite female names that mean fire, that you could use to name your female orange cat! See, we’ve got unique names like…

21) Slana (In Latin, this fiery baby name means “sun.”)

22) Calida (Another Latin name by origin. This name means “heated” or “fiery.”)

23) Aithne (An Irish name that means “fire.”)

24) Fiamma (This baby girl’s name means “flame” in Italian.)

25) Nina (This Aymar name means “fire.”)

26) Bridget (I bet you didn’t know that this name is after the ancient Irish goddess of fire!? How about that for your beautiful female orange cat then?!)

27) Sol (It’s short, snappy and is a Spanish girl’s name that means “sun.” On the flip side, we’ve got…)

28) Seraphina (It’s classy, sophisticated and is a Hebrew name meaning “fire” or “fire spirit.” We love this female orange cat name, as it can also be shortened down to something like “Sera” or “Phina” or “Pheeney” – the options are endless with this one!)

29) Tana (A Greek name meaning “fire goddess.” Similarly…)

30) Cyra (In Greek, this name means “sun throne.”)

Female Orange Cat Names Inspired By Food!

Let’s have a quick category of female orange cat names, based solely on foods now then. This is to show you that you can actually come up with pretty epic female orange cat names, out of pretty much anything! For example, we’ve got…

31) Peaches (It’s a no-brainer right?! Their crisp orangey-yellow coloring matches perfectly with her fur… And it’s a girly name as an added bonus, making it a serious contender for these fabulous female orange cat names!)

32) Lou Lou (This is a GENIUS female orange cat name, inspired by the orange-fleshed cantaloupe melon. How about THAT for original then?!) 

33) Mango (It’s cute, fun and matches her coloring purrfectly!)

34) Tanny / Tanya (Tying in with the orange tangerine fruits! This is another very original, clever, female orange cat name that we really do love! If you want a simpler version of this…)

35) Clementine (Clementine is a girls name, giving you a ready-made “real life” orange cat name, that perfectly fits!)

36) Pumpkin (This is a classic, cute orange cat name, that’s “purrfect” if your girl was born in October during the Halloween season!)

37) Marmalade (Another classic female orange cat name, that’s popular for a reason!)

38) Butternut (This links to butternut squash! Or, you could take “Squash” – the latter part of butternut squash to create a unique female orange cat name with that too.)

39) Carrot (A more original, less-heard-of orange cat name, that’s still just as cute. Talking of which…)

40) Strawb (Short for strawberry. It’s cute, fun and seriously sweet… Just like your new furry friend! This name can also tie in with how strawberry blonde is a shade of “ginger”, so it can be an especially fitting female orange cat name, depending on the tone of her fur.)

Female Orange Cat Names

Cute Names For Female Orange Cats

We’re flying through these orange cat names for females, now, aren’t we? And we’ve still got heaps more yet to come. (Woohoo.) So let’s keep the cuties coming. See, you might like to consider names like…

41) Honey (This is a beautiful female orange cat name! Similarly…)

42) Caramel (If it matches her colorings, this could be the purrfect name for your lovely lady too!)

43) Butterscotch (From Honey, to Caramel, to… now… Butterscotch! These are all strong names for female orange cats!)

44) Tawny (This is an orange-brown or yellowish-brown color, but can also relate to the cute tawny owls… So it’s a great name if your cat has big eyes like them too! See how it all ties in?)

45) Sunny / Sunshine (It’s sweet and simple, but could be a great name contender for your furry friend!)

46) Maple (Just like the beautiful color of maple tree leaves, this is a soft, sweet orange cat name.)

47) Mustard (Another cute and simple name – that’s got real character about it! Talking of cute names for female orange cats, I think the CUTEST has got to be…)

48) Nelly (This also means “the shining light” which is pretty relevant too!)

49) Saffron (After the orange-yellow flavouring! You can also go with the nickname, “Saffy” for short. How sweet is that?!)

50) Ginger (Keep it simple! Orange cats are often known as ginger cats and “Ginger” as a name in itself – is actually rather sweet, so it’s certainly one to bear in mind!)

Beautiful Female Orange Cat Names

Annnnd, we’ve reached the half-way point. So let’s keep ploughing through with some more, beautiful names for female orange cats.

51) Gina (This has Greek and Italian origins, meaning “Queen.” This is therefore a great name for female orange cats as – like we mentioned at the start – they’re rare and truly special, so they’re YOUR little Queen! Similarly…) 

52) Harriette (Otherwise known as “ruler of the home” – which is rather fitting, right?!)

53) Golda (This is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “gold.” We love this one as it’s simple, yet classy… And easy to shout out too!)

54) Kiara (Which means “light.” After all, her personality is likely to shine as brightly as her radiant fur! On this note…) 

55) Oriane (This means sunrise and nicely reflects the different shade and tones in her fur.)

56) Rosie (This is a beautiful orange cat name, if your girl’s coat is especially bright orange, as it ties in with the red roses link! Similarly, if you like this one, there’s also…)

57) Roisin (Of Irish origin, this name means ‘little rose’ which we think is rather sweet!)

58) Ruby (Ruby red gemstones fit nicely in with a bright orange cat. It’s also a lovely, cute girls name again, for you!)

59) Marigold (Inspired by the beautiful, bright, marigold flowers. Any floral names make great female cat names!)

60) Lantana (Arguably the most fitting flower of them all for an orange cat – this often has beautiful orange blossoms. It’s full of vivaciousness and is a feminine name depicting a tropical flower, ablaze with stunning hues.)

cute ginger cat names

Different Female Orange Cat Names

Different female orange cat names are the best. So which ones may you have not thought of or heard before? Well…

61) Foxy (Like a cute orange fox! This is purrfect is you have a cat with a big fluffy tail!)

62) Nayab. (A unique, Persian name that means ‘rare’, or ‘precious’… Because hey, like we said, your orange cat actually is rare, and all cats are certainly precious!)

63) Amber (A gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, including orange… After all, your cat, really is a gem!)

64) Clancy (This is both a male and female name, but one which we can’t get enough of! It’s of Irish origin, meaning “red-haired warrior” but it’s also a super catch female orange cat name too!)

65) Shade (A cool orange cat name that ties in with the sun – flipping it around to make shade. The thing is – no-one will put your girl in darkness. Her colors and personality will always shine through!)

66) Tiger Lily (This is a tall Asian lily, which has orange flowers spotted with black or purple – great for matching against an orange cats fur, to create a unique, sweet, reflective name!)

67) Apricot (Another color connotation cat name idea, which is different & cute too! In fact, this is a female orange cat name that definitely has the potential to grow on you!)

68) Cally (Short for calendula – the flowers that are specifically known for their orangey yellow colouring. Cally is also already a girls name: meaning “lovely one” or “beautiful flower”, which is why it bags a spot as one of the BEST female orange cat names!)

69) Fi Fi (This one can be short for fire. It demonstrates how, a great way to think of different orange cat names is to think of what descriptive words or objects relate to the color they are – then adapt it to make it cute! On a similar note…)

70) Sandy (Like the golden sands that match your cats fur, this is a sweet and suitable female orange cat name!)

Funny Female Orange Cat Names

Looking for some funny female orange cat names? Ones that are original and fitting for your full-of-character furry friend?! Then how about…

71) Fanta (Yes – literally like the drink.. Not all cat names have to have a big, deep meaning! You could also shorten it to “Nata” as a nickname. It’s certainly different anyway. Talking of different…)

72) Cheesie (Notice the difference in spelling with this one – spelt Cheesie instead of “cheesy” to make it look and feel like more of a name. Uh huh, made up names work too! Keeping with the cheese theme…)

73) Nacho (Or “Tortilla” works too – like the tortilla chips you can get!)

74) Bam Bam (This means “yellow” in the unique language – Meriam! This means it does actually have a relevant meaning, but it’s also cute and funny too!)

75) Chum (After all, they are your little ginger pal!)

76) Bumble (Like a bright orange bumble bee!)

77) Chilli (Hot like chilli’s, full of fire for your little female orange cat!)

78) Tum (Or “Tum Tum!” This can be short for Autumn and the colours it brings! OR: “Fall” – for the colors of the season. This is also great if your girl ends up being a little clumsy, and often “falls!”)

79) OJ (Short for orange juice, but COOLER! It’s also a little more advanced than simply calling your orange cat… Orange! This has a little “sass” about it! Although, hey, that very well could be a funny female orange cat name…)

80) Orange (Need we say more?! On that note…)

what to call a female ginger cat

Names Beginning With O

If you want to keep with the orange theme, you could go for names beginning with O. Now you might think – “but how many girls names are there, beginning with O?!” But there’s more than you may think, that – do still – fit a cat! For instance…

81) Opal The Orange Cat

82) Ofelia The Orange Cat

83) Olive The Orange Cat 

84) Olivia The Orange Cat (Shorten for Liv / Livvy which is a super cute cat name in itself!)

85) Olesya The Orange Cat (This is very unique!)

86) Olena The Orange Cat

87) Olga The Orange Cat

88) Oona The Orange Cat

89) Ornella The Orange Cat

90) Odette The Orange Cat

Uh huh, I told you so! (Even if you’ve never heard of some of them before, or don’t know what they mean – there are name ideas out there, based on letters… And some good ones too!)

Names Beginning With G

Last but not least, we’ll finish off with some cool cat names beginning with “g” (for ginger), that work as names for your female orange cat!

91) Gracie the Ginger Cat

92) Gigi the Ginger Cat

93) Ginny the Ginger Cat

94) Greta The Ginger Cat

95) Georgie the Ginger Cat

96) Goji the Ginger Cat

97) Giggles The Ginger Cat

98) Glenda The Ginger Cat

99) Gladys The Ginger Cat

100) Gabby The Ginger Cat

101) Girlie The Ginger Cat

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 101+ fabulous female orange cat names, filling you with suitable suggestions!

I hope you’ve found this valuable. Best of luck if you’re bringing a new cat or kitten home. Here’s how to prepare (to ensure you have everything you need!) Don’t forget to fully cat-proof your home too. Then you’re all covered.

This is such an exciting time – so enjoy every minute! Wishing you all the very best.

Female Orange Cat Names
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