5 Best Maine Coon Cat Carriers

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Looking for a Maine Coon cat carrier? A sturdy cat carrier that can – actually – fit, the largest domestic cat IN THE WORLD, in?! Then don’t worry, I’m here to save you hours of searching! Here’s the top 5 Maine Coon cat carriers for 2023, based on what we’ve found for our Maine Coon kitten, Cody. That’s right, we’ve been searching high and low for the best cat carrier for Maine Coon’s and we’re super happy with the results…

Why It Can Be Difficult To Find a Maine Coon Cat Carrier

So before we get stuck in – let’s talk about the elephant in the room – why it’s so hard to find a Maine Coon cat carrier!

See, I wanted to do a post on the best Maine Coon cat carriers as – yes, our baby is totally spoilt, so we did spend a lot of time searching for the absolute best things for our little man anyway, but – we found that finding a cat carrier for a Maine Coon was one of the most time-consuming tasks of them all!

After all, Maine Coon’s are far bigger than most cats, and grow for far longer too! I therefore wanted to get a cat carrier that Cody wouldn’t grow out of. But this is a pretty tricky thing because these are the kind of sizes Maine Coon’s can reach…

Average SizesMale Maine CoonFemale Maine Coon
Height (inches)10-168-14
Height (cm)25-4020-35
Weight (lbs)15-258-12
Weight (kg)6.8-11.33.6-5.4

We have a male Maine Coon which means he will have a potential maximum weight of 25lbs! This caused huge problems as most cat carriers either don’t state what they hold, or will only carry up to 16-20lbs… And so the endless searching began!

Luckily, I finally got there in the end! So in this post, I’ll share the best Maine Coon cat carriers, personally recommended by me (after very, very, thorough research!)

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5 Best Maine Coon Cat Carriers (2023)

So let’s get stuck in shall we? Here’s my top 5 Maine Coon Cat Carriers for 2023, as researched and used.

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1) Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier

So first up, let’s start with one of my all-time favourite Maine Coon cat carriers…

The Petseek Carrier is totally purrfect as you won’t have to worry about space or weight at all with it being 24×16.5×16 inches and holding pets up to 55 pounds. This was a major selling point to me.

It’s also sturdy but collapsible; made of high quality fabric and it’s open enough for it to not look like some sort of PRISON, whilst the black mesh offers a little more protection for your cat. (So that they can kind of “hide” and don’t feel as “on show” or potentially vulnerable!)

There’s also 3 access points for your pet, and it comes with a bed inside which is cosy and machine-washable. (Ideal!)

The reviews for the Petseek Cat Carrier are pretty brilliant (with 5 stars after over 2,000 reviews!), and the fact that one of the first review photos includes a fellow Maine Coon, is very reassuring.

This was a seriously high contender for us, when looking for a Maine Coon cat carrier. In fact, it will still remain as a first-choice recommendation because it’s really got everything you want and more.

The only reason we didn’t purchase, was we found a slightly cheaper one, but the price of this one is still very competitive, so it’s well worth checking out.

2) MOOL Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier

Next up, it’s MOOL’s cat carrier, and this is the cheaper alternative to the Petsleek Carrier – this is the one we actually ordered for our Maine Coon! (In size “Extra Large.”)

The benefits to the MOOL carrier over the Petsleek Carrier, is:

  • It’s still more than sufficient in size, holding pets of up to 33 pounds.
  • It also comes in a larger variety of colours: beige, black, blue, pink, red, green, grey & camouflage.
  • Whats more, it’s a third of the price of the Petsleep Carrier (when you order size Large) and is by far the cheapest highly-rated Maine Coon cat carrier on the market. This enables you to buy a large cat carrier, for a fraction of the price, but with 5,000+ positive reviews, you can actually buy it pretty confidently!

Now, unfortunately we couldn’t get this delivered in time to bring Cody home in, but we did order it for future vet visits and we absolutely love it.

So far, it’s doing exactly what we’d want it to do, so I couldn’t recommend more!

3) One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Pet Carrier

Before we move away from our soft-but-sturdy Maine Coon cat carriers, I want to throw one final one into the mix, which is the One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Pet Carrier.

This one doesn’t actually state the weight capacity, but it’s designed for both cats OR dogs, which is a pretty good indication of its sturdiness.

It also has heaps of cool features like:

  • Being designed to fit perfectly on a car seat, or in a car boot – safely and securely, with built-in straps for the seat belt.
  • It’s also 2 in 1, so you have 2 carriers, which can be carried separately, then joined together. This is totally purrfect if you have more than one pet, but it’s also a brilliant feature, even with just one Maine Coon, as it gives them far more extra space.
  • It’s modern, highly adaptable, and lightweight – despite the space it can extend out to.

For this reason, we thought it was definitely worthy for a spot on the list of best cat carriers for Maine Coons… And we’d certainly be getting it if we had more than one furry friend!

4) Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

Moving on now then, we’ve got the Petmate Sky Kennel Carrier, and I wanted to throw this into the mix as I know that people buy carriers for different reasons.

For instance, for us – we knew that it was purely just for car journeys to the vets. (As when we take Cody out on adventures, we simply fasten him to the seat with a cat car seat belt, as he’s well used to car rides now!)

However, if you are looking for a Maine Coon cat carrier to take on a plane, it’s good to know which ones are the right dimensions for traveling in this way.

See, even with the variety of sizes that the Petmate Sky Kennel comes in – it is fully airline approved.

It’s also more suitable for this mode of transport as when traveling (particularly by plane, in busy airports), it’s natural for your cat to get a little nervous… It’s therefore better to get a carrier that’s more closed off and protected for journeys like this, which the Petite Sky Kennel is…

There’s less gaps, no fear of it breaking, making it a good, sturdy, Maine Coon cat carrier contender for longer trips!

5) Foldable Pet Stroller

Last but not least, our final Maine Coon cat carrier recommendation is this foldable pet stroller. And I know what you’re thinking… “REALLY?!” But hear me out here!

See – as we’ve established – Maine Coon’s get both big, and heavy. But the great thing is – this stroller holds weights of up to 44 lbs, so it’s got you fully covered.

Now a big thing is – IT’S ALSO DETACHABLE! So you don’t have to push the stroller around every time. You can simply disconnect it and you’ve also got a carrier as well.

This makes it easy to go in the car, and the stroller also folds down too… But instead of struggling with your Maine Coon from there, you can then simply clip it in the stroller and wheel it along from there.

Forget the bulky, awkward carriers where you’re struggling along! Instead, with this one, you can carry some serious distance, carrying your cat with ease!

The storage underneath is also very handy and practical. So all that’s left is overcoming any potential embarrassment you may have if someone peers into the stroller to look at your baby, only to find… a CAT!

See, pet strollers aren’t as widely used… Yet. But I have no doubt they’ll come into trend at some point. And if it’s easier for you – why not hold that head up high and get it?! Be bold, be brave. Because this one is a real game-changer!

So There We Have It!

That rounds up out list of “totally purrfect” Maine Coon cat carriers – that your Maine Coon will actually be able to fit into! I hope this has helped… and saved you that all important time and indecision too!

If you’re bringing a kitten home – good luck! You’re now that little bit more prepared!

Maine Coon’s are an amazing breed, and there’s certainly more pro’s than con’s when it comes to the Maine Coon pro’s and con’s!

With these helpful carriers, their size certainly doesn’t have to be an issue anyway… So you see, there’s solutions for everything!

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