(Super Simple!) DIY Cat Feeder Toy

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Want to make a super-simple-yet-actually-used DIY Cat Feeder Toy?! Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our homemade cat feeder toy, tried-and-tested by our very own Maine Coon kitten, Cody.

What Makes This DIY Cat Feeder Toy So Brilliant

Now I was going to build this into a master post of DIY toy ideas, but after starting with this one and seeing just how well it went down, I decided I just HAD to make it into its own post as well.

See, this DIY Cat Feeder Toy has got it all:

  • It costs you nothing, as you’re simply using old things around the home that would have otherwise just been thrown in the bin.
  • If you opt for toilet paper rolls like we did – it will be made of natural materials, which is not only good for the planet, but also means you don’t have to worry about your cat / kitten when they play with it.
  • Again, with the toilet paper rolls as your base, this means it’s then from cardboard which is both chewable and scratchable. (A win, win – stopping your cat from scratching the carpet!)
  • With this DIY cat feeder toy, it becomes a great and different game you can play with your cat. You’re also providing something your cat / kitten can play with by themselves, something that gets them exercising, and something that gives them food – whilst having to work for it a bit. So it’s multi-purpose. By also having to work to get the treats, it brings out your cat / kittens natural hunting instinct too. 
  • Essentially, it’s a simple, yet interesting toy that cats seem to genuinely love; incorporating treats, inquisition and play. Basically it’s just TOTALLY PURRFECT! (Genuinely!) Which is why it’s well worth taking 5 minutes out to create it for your little furry friend. Trust me… They’ll thank you for it. (Well, they would if they could!)

How To Make a DIY Cat Feeder Toy

So how do you make your own cat feeder toy? Well, the process of it is fundamentally the same, no matter what material you use. 

As mentioned, I opted to make my DIY cat feeder toy out of old toilet paper rolls, but you can also use plastic bottles, or something similar and the process will still remain the same.

Our DIY Cat Feeder Toy

Prefer to watch than read? Then here’s a step-by-step video for how to make a DIY cat feeder toy. You can also see the cat feeder toy in action and watch how long it took little Cody to get into … (Yes, I know, he is utterly adorable!)

The Process…

So all you have to do to create your DIY cat feeder toy is…

Step 1:

Cut small holes all the way around the container. (These should be big enough for your cat to put their claws through and see that there’s things inside, but not so big that the biscuits fall out.)

Step 2:

Seal up one edge by folding it together and securing with tape. (I used sellotape but I would actually recommend masking tape instead. It’s a little softer and safer.)

Step 3:

Pour your treats inside. (Cody’s favourite at the moment are pure duck cat treats, but Dreamies – of course – work well too!)

Step 4:

Seal up the second edge, again with the tape of your choice. Once you’ve done this, you can then shake it around to make sure that the treats don’t fall out themselves. Then you simply…

Step 5:

Watch as your cat has fun trying to get into it!

Good Luck!

I hope this has helped and inspired you. Best of luck creating your own.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to browse our articles for more guides and ideas!

DIY Cat Feeder Toy
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