Top 10 Cat Scratching Toys (2023)

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Cats scratch. It’s inevitable! It’s also wired within them, and pretty good for their health however, so it’s something to be encouraged… providing it’s not your CARPETS they’re scratching! (Of course!) So what are the best cat scratching toys to get them scratching the right things, whilst keeping them entertained!? Well my friends, you’re in the best place!

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top 10 cat scratching toys for 2023. So sit back, scroll through and allow me to save you time, as all of these products have been thoroughly researched!

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Top 10 Cat Scratching Toys (2022)

Here’s our top 10 favourite cat scratching toys of 2022. In no particular order…

1) AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy

So let’s start this list off with a cracker – the AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy.

Available in both blue and pink, it includes 1 round corrugated cardboard scratcher plus 1 ball and 1 Mouse Swatter, that fits together seamlessly.

This is one of the most highly rated cat scratching toys. In fact there’s heaps of reviews (with videos) here.

With multiple elements, there’s plenty to keep your cat or kitten, entertained!

2) Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post

Similarly, there’s the Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post, which incorporates two layers of interactive ball games, plus a vertical scratching post and hanging ball toy.

We bought this for our little Cody, ready for when he arrived!

We love the modern design and subtle colours. It also appealed to me, as I was already looking for ball games, so this incorporates everything together, all in one! (Totally purrfect!)

I can personally recommend this.

3) AREIIA Catnip Ball Scratching Toy

What else have we got? What else have we got? Well, the AREIIA Catnip Ball Scratching Toy.

It’s fairly small, but MIGHTY! See, cats love the feel of cardboard as a scratching surface.

So not only does this cat ball get them running around – chasing and kicking it (much-needed exercise there!), but it also helps protect your furniture as they end up scratching away at it, instead of your sofa!

Whats more, because it’s so entertaining, they’re likely to use it for longer than some of these other cat scratching toys… So it’s well worth checking out!

4) AGYM Cat Scratcher Ball

Another popular circular cat scratching toy is AGYM’s cat scratcher ball.

“This kind of sisal cat scratching ball toy is different from the ordinary cat toys. The unique hollow design meets the curiosity of cats by combining with the characteristics of cats’ natural love of drilling holes. The spinning sisal ball not only attracts your cats attention, but also keeps them entertained.” Here’s it spinning in action!

I especially love this cat scratching toy, as although it’s large – it’s (again) pretty modern, which means you can put it in any room in your home without it becoming an eye sore!

5) PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post, Pad & Ball

Next up, it’s PAWZ Road Cat Scratcher and this one’s a serious contender when it comes to the best cat scratching toys… for sure!

I love the fact that it has both a soft carpeted material for your cat to scratch on, as well as the natural sisal horizontal well. This also then means your cat can scratch multiple types of surfaces, at any angle they want.

Not only this, but it’s equipped with a fuzzy ball that literally BOINGS around when tapped. This add the thrill of hunt, and your cat can tap it back and forth, as opposed to round and round, making it a little different to some of the other cat scratching toys available.

6) Cat Scratch Skateboard

We’re flying through these cat scratching toys now, so let’s throw in the Cat Scratch Skateboard! Want something to spoil your cat with? Then look no further than this!

It’s one of the more expensive cat scratching toys but it’s totally original and looks great as decor in a cat room that you can take out when they want to play!

  • “The Cat Scratch Skateboard is an interactive cat toy like no other. This imaginative cat scratcher comes fully assembled & is a scratching post alternative that your cat will ‘wheely’ love! 
  • If your cat treats furniture like a makeshift cat scratch post then give him a Cat Scratch Skateboard. This novelty cat scratch pad helps to keep claws strong, healthy & away from your couch.
  • This cardboard cat scratcher encourages exercise & is purrrfect for stretching and climbing on! Help develop their natural instincts with an interactive toy fit for any cat!

7) SmartyKat Scratch Scroll

Next up, it’s the SmartyKat Scratch Scroll and it’s another cat scratching toy that I have a particular soft spot for.

It has multiple surfaces, combining both carpet and sisal. It also comes with an attachable feather toy that will keep your kitty entertained for hours.

They will rub, roll, play, dive through, and of course SCRATCH! It’s fantastic. Well worth checking out!

8) Magic Accordion Cat Scratching Toy

Another unique cat scratching toy is the Magic Accordion Cat Scratching Toy. Now this one has some mixed reviews, but if you watch the video of a cat playing with it here, I really think this is onto a winner!

It’s fun, fast paced and will have your cat jumping, diving, kicking and… basically destroying it! But it’s good for them! It’s especially suited to kittens to make it last a little longer, but it’s well worth checking out as every cat is different!

9) Cat Play House & Scratching Tree

We don’t have many spots left for our top 10 cat scratching toys now!

It was a tough weigh up between this and the xxx, but this JUST ABOUT won the spot, because of the playful ball and tunnel (making it more like a “toy”!)

It’s cosy, cute and absolute pad for your cat.. whilst encouraging them to both scratch and play! What more could you want?!

10) Whack a Mole Toy with Scratching pad

Last but not least then, when searching for cat scratching toys, you’ll find lots on the market that have a simple scratching bad, combined with additional elements.

These are great as it means your cat is already playing around with its paws and as it strokes the corrugated paper – it’ll be tempted to have a good scratch in between!

One of our favourite toy-combined scratching pads are the Whack a Mole combo. They can play it with you, or by themselves. I mean just look at the adorable video of the cats playing it, in action, on their page. (If that doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will!)

It’s fun, different and provides not only solo-entertainment but the opportunity for you to get involved and bond with your cat too!

That’s all for this one…

So there we have it – our top 10 cat scratching toys for 2022, with some totally purrfect products to keep your cat both, scratching and entertained! I hope you’ve found this valuable.

Just remember – when playing with your cat, keep them playing nicely and be sure to train them not to bite you. Yes, they have lots of energy and their “hunter instinct” comes through, but biting and scratching should be on TOYS, not YOU, so it pays off to embed this in them to avoid behavioural issues.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading. And be sure to browse our articles for more!

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